Live Band Karaoke – You Sing It, We Bring It!

Taking Karaoke to the next level.

Sing lead vocals on stage with the band!

Our Live Band Karaoke night is a bit different than a regular karaoke night. We stray away from the cheesy traditional karaoke songs and focus on more of a rocking high energy show. We have a growing list of songs that you can choose from. All you need to bring to the gig is your talent and good vibes. We have every thing else covered. If you are nervous and forget the words we’ve got our lyrics monitor that rolls along as the song is performed.

We play many different genres of music from current radio hits as well as 80’s, 90’s, Rock, Reggae, Country, Hip Hop and some old standards.

We encourage you to sign up a for a few songs, and bring your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and entire crew down for support. It’s going to be a blast.  You’re going to rock it!

Live Band Karaoke Video Stash

The Night Before Thanksgiving at Louie’s

Live Band Karaoke Video Stash

Gun Lake Casino Sessions

Live Band Karaoke Video Stash

Rover’s Morning Glory

Suggest A Song

If you feel we should play a certain song that isn’t on our list, please suggest it here.

Song List

Download our current song list here. This list will be updated as new songs are added or if the list has changed.

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